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Ortho Regenerative Institute

What our patients say

  • A few months ago, Dr Fady Elias harvested stem cells from my body. With this technology he has immensely helped my knees through injections mixed with PRP. My left knee feels great lately and the right one is making the perfect progress for my comeback to be on track. Im really happy with results and look forward to the progression ahead as I get started back on the road to competition. Life looks so different now than a few months ago. I appreciate everything and everyone I have in a whole new light.

    Cat Zingano MMA Fighter ,

  • I’ve been a runner my whole life, but things have changed in the past year. Running was no longer pleasant to me; my hips were stiff and my right side used to hurt during every leg motion. I’ve started the Stem Cell therapy which was the treatment recommended for my case. I’ve been taking it easy, not running in the past 3 months. I want to allow full recovery. My hips pain has impressively decreased after just 2 injections. I would highly recommend Ortho Regenerative Institute to anyone who is suffering from hip pain.

    Paul R.,

  • I had been suffering with tendonitis and arthritis for the past few years. I had used hand braces and also went under steroids treatment, but they just relieved the pain for a short period of time and after I stopped them everything came back. I didn’t want to keep taking steroids for life. After months looking for a better solution for my tendonitis and arthritis pain I was recommended to go to Ortho Regenerative Institute. The doctors suggested the Prolotherapy. I’ve noticed a major improvement after my third treatment ; I still have 3 more left. I’m so grateful I went to the Ortho Institute !

    Elisabeth M.,

  • I am so glad I went to Ortho Regenerative Institute last September! I got my ankle sprained playing soccer and the injury was more serious than I expected. I decided to do PRP therapy to speed up my healing time and trying to avoid go under surgery. I’ve taken the chance of choosing this procedure and I have no regrets, my ankle is returning to have the same mobility and strength. I am pretty positive I will be able to go back to the soccer team next season.

    Daniel G.,

We Are the Ortho Regenerative Institute

The Ortho Regenerative Institute is a pain clinic in Orange County, California, dedicated to providing patients with complete care for all types of orthopedic injuries and disorders. Our experienced medical and research staff utilizes cutting-edge therapies that provide clients with alternatives to surgery, as well as adjunct treatments to improve recovery.

The Ortho Regenerative Institute has been paving the way for advances in regenerative medicine. This field is quickly becoming one of the most technologically advanced with cutting-edge ideas on how to restore damaged, aging or diseased cells and tissues. Using nothing but the body’s own cells, doctors and researchers have made it possible for the body to regenerate new cells that are intended for healing purposes and pain alleviation.

Tissue is extracted from the patients and cells are taken from there.  The  concoction of vascular fraction cells is then re-injected into the same patient. Because the process is autologous (the donor of the tissue and the recipient of the cells are the same person) problems or complications such as rejection and allergic reaction are highly reduced. Using a mechanical technique, which has been in clinical use for many years, The Ortho Regenerative Institute is able to obtain the Vascular Fraction Cells. This overall process results in a higher cellular yield when compared to other clinical research methods being currently used.

One point that we stress at The Ortho Regenerative Institute is that YOUR cells are not grown, expanded or cultured. We never use growth serums, such as bovine serum or enzymatic agents, such as collagenese.

Our patient’s health and recuperation are our first priority and we continually evaluate our methodology and find ways to make it better. Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field with many exciting discoveries everyday. The Ortho Regenerative Institute’s mission is to help patients live a more active and pain free life.

Stem Cell Therapy

Fat stem cell (ASC) therapy is a regenerative medicine technique that utilizes the body’s own stem cells to generate bone, muscle and cartilaginous cells to repair orthopedic injuries. By harvesting a patient’s adipose tissue, physicians at the Ortho Regenerative Institute are able to isolate mesenchymal stem cells along with other cells and re-inject them into the affected area, allowing the body to naturally regenerate the appropriate tissue.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an image-guided injection that floods a damaged soft tissue area with vital substances to boost self-healing and repair processes. Injuries to soft tissues typically heal less effectively than damage to bone or muscle because soft tissue lacks adequate blood supply. PRP injections provide a damaged tissue with proteins, growth factors and cells that boost the self-healing cascade, improving recovery and reducing pain. PRP is indicated for joint and soft tissue damage, trauma and surgery as well as arthritis.

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